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The Truth About Business (A Secret Message for Millennials)

Are you a Millennial? Good! Keep reading.

If you’re a Gen Xer you can keep reading, too, although you’ve already learned through tough experience everything I’m going to talk about. If you’re a Baby Boomer, scram. I don’t need any more flack from Baby Boomers for spilling the beans about the way the business world really works. We had our chance to fix the massive structural problems in the business world, to clear out the termites that have nearly eaten through the foundation, but we didn’t do it.

Now Millennials represent our only hope.

Here’s the secret that nobody tells you about business, my young brothers and sisters: it’s fake. It’s a movie set, like those one-street Western towns that have facades on the fronts of the building but nothing behind the facade. Everything that seems imposing and impressive about business is made up. It doesn’t exist.

Business is just a bunch of people getting out of bed and putting on a suit every day. It isn’t any different from regular life, but lots of people will tell you it is. They’ll tell you that you have to act Professional in business, use a different language, different rituals and a different tone of voice, but why?

All the fake, formal, gray, boring, linear and analytical stuff in business comes from the fearful brains of people who want to prop up the broken Godzilla edifice. That’s the structure of rules, policies, fear, and obsessively left-brain thinking that has already shown itself to be a waste of time and a pox on our planet.

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